Measurement setting

The most important specifications at a glance:

P max 256 kW
Q max 1000 L/min
p max 500 bar.

The HK Hydraulik test bench

HK Hydraulik test bench

Thanks to a wide range of custom coupling adapters, we are capable of testing virtually 100% of all hydraulic pumps and motors available on the market using our test bench.

What else is special about our test bench?

Without doubt, this includes the continuously variable speeds and different pressures that we can test.

We can also use our PLC-controlled test bench for testing closed, semi-closed and open hydraulic circuits, in addition to all types of immersed pumps.

Digitale display of engine performance of hydraulic pumps and motorsThanks to the precision measurement shaft of our test bench, we are able to calculate speeds and torques with a 0.1% degree of accuracy.

We analyse the power input and output of your pumps, motors, cylinders and valves electronically, which are displayed as digital readings at all times on the control panel screen of the test bench.

We thus guarantee you optimum operation of your restored A2V 1000 hydraulic unit.