A glimpse into the HK Hydraulik workshop

A glimpse into the HK Hydraulik workshop ...

Working on a Hydraulicpump for Industrial-Presses

Brueninghaus variable-delivery pump A2V 1000

Do you have problems with your A2V 1000? Whether it is a cased pump or immersion pump, open, closed or semi-closed hydraulic circuit, mechanical, hydraulic or electric variable-delivery – talk to us.
A2V 1000We are the leading specialists for overhauling your Brueninghaus A2V 1000, as numerous car manufacturers can confirm.
We are able to test and adjust your variable-delivery A2V 1000 pump according to the manufacturer’s specifications on our modern performance test bench after it has been successfully overhauled.
For example, we have a control unit developed by Bosch Rexroth especially for us for testing your A2V 1000 EO (electronic adjustment).

We are naturally also very familiar with all the hydraulic adjustments of the A2V 1000 like HD, HM, and HS, for example.
We exclusively use original spare parts for our repairs, which gives you security in connection with compatibility and the warranty.

We can thus also offer you a guarantee of 12 months after start-up. And we are certain that we need not emphasise that we work quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

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